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Thread: Scammed - paypal chargeback

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    Default Scammed - paypal chargeback

    I was selling bitcoin mining products (used to, now I have deleted all the listings) that is an intangible product meaning I can't provide a shipping number.
    Couple of days ago an ebay user "kz-korki" with a 100% feedback (3) purchased multiple mining contracts from me and paid immediately like other buyers did.
    However, the next day he claimed a chargeback, and paypal put the funds on-hold until we don't resolve the "problem".
    I wrote 2 emails in order to defend my side, but paypal staff didn't even bother to reply to my emails or ask me to provide any proof that I have delivered whatever was paid, they rather decided at once in buyer's favor and approved his claim.
    So looks like not only paypal & ebay don't give a fu** about sellers, but they even support the scam bastards.
    So yeah , if any of you ebay or paypal "experts" is reading this, you know who I am and you know I told you that I'll share my story everywhere I can so other people don't get screwed by you.

    I'm not just someone new trying to spread fud about something, so whoever doesn't believe -I 'll email to you the whole chat history with the paypal "support team" .


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    No tracking number = you get screwed if you use PayPal. This goes for selling intangible product and services. One should never ever use paypal for payment collection in those instances.
    I wish I could tell you how to fix it and how you could get your money back but I don't see it happening in your case.
    Has paypal all ready taken the money from you?


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