New here so..

Sold on-line game code (when I bought new Graphics Card the game came with it - didn't want the game).


13th Jan - put game on ebay for 38.99
Sold on 13th Jan for 38.99 paid by paypal
Sent redemption code to buyer on 14th Jan
Redemption carried out on 14th Jan by the buyer
15th Jan - Unauthorised payment by buyer sent to paypal

Should have seen that the buyer had only registered the day he bought it - negative feedback - oh! well

Notified Police that this was a fraudulent action and obtained a Crime Number

Paypal refunded buyer and left me in negative 37+

Told by Paypal that this was an 'intangible item' i.e., it did not physically exist - yet they charge the percentage when you sell it. How many 'intangible' items are there on ebay ?

Apparently, if you sell something like this you must obtain a tracking number I think you must write the code down on a piece of paper, send it recorded delivery, and this will be proof to the robots at Paypal (they never told me this - they said no tracking number no proof). This is despite their Section 11.1 of Seller Protection which I quoted and they said it didn't matter as the item was 'intangible'

So, now I have negative amount and thinking should I take Paypal to the Small Claims Court and ask them to prove that the buyer had not authorised this ? Should be easy to find out if he notified his Card issuer that this was fraudulent and if so to ask Paypal to verify this.

Any answers ?