So I was paying Paypal's Bill Me Later (or whatever it's called, now) reliably and on time for two years, paying at minimum the lowest payment, but usually more. The past 6 months have brought with them significant financial hardship, so I fell behind on payments. They called, and called... and called. Automated calls, not automated calls.. I just stopped answering any number I didn't recognize. About the second missed payment, a friend tells me that (s)he received a call from paypal asking for me because my account was past due. A friend who isn't on the account, but I have had transactions back and forth with them. Needless to say, this was beyond embarrassing and, at the time, I assumed it was a fluke. Fast forward to missed payment number 4, they tell me that they have received the call yet again. And today, I've had 4 more people that I've had transactions with (either buying or selling) tell me that they have received the same calls. Is there anything at all that I can do about this? Calling has yielded no results. Oddly enough, the account was paid off in full yesterday (before I became aware of the additional calls to the additional people), but this has been extremely stressful (and completely embarrassing) and I'm curious if there is anything from a legal standpoint that I am able to do, or if I just have to suck it up. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thank you! (sorry if this is in the wrong place!)