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Thread: ebay debt. what legal actions can be taken?

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    Default ebay debt. what legal actions can be taken?

    in great need of advice.
    i have accumulated a large debt over $8k on ebay/paypal, which at this point is unrecoverable. i cannot afford to repay this money and due to bad credit cannot receive a loan to pay this off..
    what options do i have and further more what legal actions can be taken against me.
    i know ebay/paypal will eventually hand my debt over to collections but due to being a high $ amount what other actions will they take? what is my play from here.
    Located in USA
    Any helpful advice would be appreciated.

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    How did you accumulate this debt with ebay/paypal? Chargebacks? Or did you not fulfill your orders you took payment for? Depending on how the debt was acquired you may have some options. But if you straight up owe the money then there is no way around having to pay it.

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    You can always file bankruptcy. A lot less expensive than trying to pay them off. If you're credit is already shot, you have nothing to loose.


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