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Thread: Paypal debt collection letter

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    Question Paypal debt collection letter

    I just today received a debt collection letter from "Gothia".

    I owe 30 to Paypal. I have read a bit, and i am really worried. I am very poor and i cant afford to pay it.

    I sold an item to a guy, and after he received it he chargebacked the money. It was a total of around 30. I went into resolution center gave screenshots and chat logs, but they still chargebacked it.

    (I think he did a credit card chargeback). And i said fuck it, and left Paypal.

    I currently have my Debit card attached to my account. But i dont care.

    When creating the account, i gave a fake name. Stupid as i am, i gave my real street address.

    So i received a letter from "Gothia" affiliated with Paypal, saying i must pay my debt.

    I live in Denmark, Copenhagen [EUROPE].

    If i ignore this, will they take legal matters into use? I am only 15.

    Are they really gonna drag me to court for 30?

    Please help i am super worried!

    Thanks in advance, guys!

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    A quick google search gives this link that states that in Denmark, if you do not settle the debt within 10 days of the notice, you can be charged collection fees by the creditor.
    Page 4 clearly states that "Under Danish Law, the Court will grant the winning party costs and attorneys fees. These costs and fees are in addition to the out-of-court collection charges..."

    What to do?

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