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Thread: merchant account and eBay

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    Default merchant account and eBay

    If I use a merchant account on eBay will ebay have access to my merchant account? Will eBay be able to issue refunds and freeze my money with my merchant account? With Paypal they can do that and that is what I am trying to get away from.

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    No and no. Ebay wont have any access to your merchant account at all. You are in charge of issuing refunds. eBay can tell you to issue a refund but they can't make you. eBay isn't all that bad once you get rid of paypal.

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    Thanks, can't see why anyone would stick with paypal is that's really the case.

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    people have been brain washed to believe paypal is the only option on ebay. It is not. No one should be selling on ebay with Paypal that is the fastest way to lose your money.

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    maybe with paypals divorce from eBay ebay will suck a little less and offer more payment options. The way it's always been is ebay showing paypal down your throat and failing to mention all the other options you can use. They even sometimes deny it when you call ebay customer support that you can use other payment service then paypal.

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    what about if I am in the UK, would I be able to get rid of Paypal to use some other service on eBay to accept payments?

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    You can try integrating cartmanager to work with eBay. It is good because once an auction is over, you can program it to automatically send an invoice to your buyer.

    You can also integrate a variety of payment methods to use with it.


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