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Thread: We need to do something!

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    Default We need to do something!

    What really pisses me off is how ebay sits back and collects fees , while allowing shonky sellers , dodgy products & scammers on their site . I have had problems with 40% of both sales and/or sellers. Then when it comes to making a claim with paypal , you could be waiting 1-2 weeks to wait to get your own money back ! From what i have experienced , it looks to me like the sellers are a lot better serviced & treated than the buyers. When it comes to ebay having a 3 complaints rule before banning sellers , this needs to be revised & buyers need to get more pro - active & complain about every problem & action may start happening.

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    are you kidding me?? I am a seller and buyer on ebay with paypal and never once have I been had as a buyer but I have been screwed so many tiles as a seller I can't even tell you. All a buyer has to do is say not received or not as describes and they get their money back no questions asked. If by some miracle the dispute goes in my favor the buyer files a chargeback and that's the end of that for me. I am an honest seller, ship on time and packaged right yet I get screwed by sellers all the time. I guess paypal isn't fair to anyone but themselves.

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    paypal/ebay is a for profit business and they have very low if any at all morals on how they collect that money for profit. They lobby and hand money underneath table to be able to operate in this manner to maximize profit margins. On top of that they have designed their customer service to be one of the worst there is so after trying to get any problem resolved you pretty much give up rather then keep dealing with the incompetence of their customer service leaving paypal still holding your money.

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    Sellers have a lot more to prove on PayPal- when you begin selling, your money will be put on hold until delivery plus 3 days so that the buyer is satisfied with the item. It sucks but its to build your reputation as a seller. As long as you sell a tangible item, provide tracking and never ever split the payment, you're always eligible for seller protection.

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    They are two seperate companies. they split almost a year ago


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