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Thread: Not allowed to pick method of payment

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    Default Not allowed to pick method of payment

    I purchased an item on ebay. I clicked on pay now and then entered my password to paypal. Immediately after entering password message showed indicating transaction was complete. I do not use paypal express. I wanted to option to choose method of payment instead paypal charged my bank account withour my authorization

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    There is a reason paypal charges your bank account instead of your credit card. When paypal takes the money from your bank account they do not pay any processing fees for the transaction but when they take the money from your credit card they have to pay processing fees close to 2% plus a transaction fee.

    That's why they set it up to automatically charge your bank account, cheaper for them. They don't care what payment method you the user prefer as long as they can save a buck.

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    Paypal used the wrong payment method when I bought an item on Ebay, overdrawing my bank account when I specifically requested my credit card be used (I chose the card ending in last 4 numbers corresponding to my credit card account so there could be no mistake). They never responded to 4 complaints I filed in their system.

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    Default PayPal screwed me.

    PayPal is Doing the same to me even though I'm using the PAYPAL WALLET to make payment. They went straight for my bank account and put me over $80 in debt with my bank. I'm on a limited military pension. So I'm very careful with my funds. Now with two more weeks before I get my next pension, I know PayPal will continue drafting from may bank putting me hundreds of dollars in debt with my bank. Making it impossible to pay for utilities or be able to purchase any food.


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