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    had an account with paypal...noticed someone was putting money into my account and taking it out, i reported it to paypal and asked them to send me a new card...they froze my account and then shut it down indefinitely for no apparent reason....they suck major butt!!! the customer service reps treated me like i was a criminal!!! so upset. i can still use my husbands account when needed so that's not an issue but I feel paypal treated me like I was the one doing something wrong when in fact I was the victim.

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    That pretty much sums up paypal. They don't care if there is fraud going on as long as they benefit from it. I have been seeing these commercials on TV for paypal where they say "we don't share your financial information with anyone" well anyone is not the problem. The problem is PayPal having your financial information. They empty out bank accounts and then move on to your credit card. Never once have I had issues when paying with a credit card, the only time I have issues are when Paypal is involved.


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