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Thread: Issued refund but never got item returned to me

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    Angry Issued refund but never got item returned to me

    Sold my collection of salt and pepper shackers, the lady said they were all brockin , i paid her paypal back and she never sent me me items back, then paypal also paid her back,grrrr.

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    Did the buyer ever post a tracking number for the supposed return? Paypal will not issue a refund unless the buyer post a tracking number showing the items were sent back. You should look in to this to see if you can find a tracking number (some will post fake numbers so check it) if there is no number Paypal should be giving you your money back.

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    I had someone scam me this way and paypal was just oblivious to it all. First the buyer said they didn't get the phone I mailed but my tracking number showed delivered WITH signature confirmation. Then they changed their claim to not as described. Afraid PayPal was going to screw me on this one I offered a full refund for the return of the phone. Buyer posted fake track# for mailing back the phone and I never got the phone, buyer still has it, and PayPal still allowed for them to keep refund AND phone.


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