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Thread: PayPal's illegal collection practices

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    Default PayPal's illegal collection practices

    Paypal will link your good standing account with a default account based ONLY on a similar name. They then lock your account until you pay it or get a lawyer. 2 hours, and 6 different people, still not resolved. Their collection practices are illegal but nothing is being done about it

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    My old Paypal account which was also connected to my ebay account until 6 months ago was recently linked to that of another person whom I have no knowledge of and subsequently suspended.
    A few days ago I received several cancellation notices to my inbox from ebay all at the same time and then 4 minutes later account suspended.
    I have been a member on ebay since 2006 and never had an issue until now, they wont even tell me why my account has now been suspended indefinitely and only respond with template replies. I am hoping to get this all sorted out


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