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Thread: If I were God, there be Hell to pay.

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    Default If I were God, there be Hell to pay.

    This is my first posting here. This all came about after searching the web trying to find some good information on what, how, why, PayPal screws up their customer account. Here's my story.
    Last week I logged on to PayPal account and try to delete/remove one of the three credit cards I have listed. This card.. Chase Freedom MasterCard was replaced by Chase in July with a new Visa model and new number. I wanted to remove/delete this card from the account and add the new one. Sounds easy...wait a minute. There's no such luck in removing or deleting a credit card from their website. I contacted PayPal to ask them how to do such act. They send me by email these instructions.

    C. How do I remove a card?

    Here's how to remove a debit card or credit card:

    Log in to your PayPal account.
    Click Wallet at the top of the page.
    Select the card to be updated and click Edit.
    Click Remove card.
    You cannot remove a card if the card was used for a pending transaction.

    That didn't work. and I tried at least ten times. So, I send email to PayPal giving them the opportunity to solve the matter. Here's what they did.
    They removed/deleted my American Express card from my account and not the Chase MasterCard. Now, they have screwed up my account so badly that I cannot even log in anymore. I've called them with no luck, as they keep telling me to do the...login and click on 'Wallet" and click edit and check "Remove Card". I spoke to this lady who's English is about the same as a two year child, and very difficult to understand. I tried to tell her I cannot log in to my account as they have screwed it up .
    I will call on Monday and try to get some results on this matter. My other choice it to open a new account, new email, new bank account, and the American Express card they canceled.

    Will report back with the news, if there is such a thing.

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    you should just bypass paypal and pay directly with either your chase visa card or amex card. The card issuer offer much better buyers protection then Paypal ever will and you don't have to deal with the hassle of paypal. Clearly they are the most backwards company ever.

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    gosh removing and adding a card shouldn't be all that hard you think but paypal makes it a life long challange. I had to update the expiration date of my card everything else was the same. Couldnt just update to the new date. Was told I had to remove the card and then add it. When I tried to add the new card it wouldn't let me saying that card was invalid. Long story short I was never able to add that card and ended up adding a different card all together.

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    so, when you call, if you are calling about getting into your account, if you get someone from the phillipines, ask for a transfer to disputes, ask for a transfer to someone who can help you log in, until you get someone in america, therefore, no robot talk.. holds yes. it can also be spanish. yo habla englais when you get to a person.

    as for removing the card. settings preapproved payments. see if you have anything there. if you do, cancel it. cancel them all. card should be removeable. that's for when you can get back in


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