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Thread: Can PayPal keep my info indefinitely?

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    Default Can PayPal keep my info indefinitely?

    I try Purchase,some items on Ebay, and i couldnt check out with Paypal, I called Paypal and they Advise me,i had been Restricted Feb. Of 2013, do to Excessive payments, which made no sense, I ask why,and what Payments were made, they didnt want tell me.I ask for my Personal info to be deleted, they gave me a hard time, Finally the Supervisor deleted my Card Information. They still have a copy of my Driver License. I contacted the Better business Bureau ,and State District Attorney to Open Class Action Suit. A bunch of Crooks!

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    yes they can and they do. I have read posts from people who had their accounts limited just by moving in to an apartment that was previously rented by someone who owed Paypal money. That now became their debt to pay since they lived in that apartment. They can also charge old bank accounts that you have "removed" because your information is never really removed from paypal.

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    i think they can store your personal information for any illegal use
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