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Thread: Canadians - please read before you do business with Paypal and Share on FB, Twitter,

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    Default Canadians - please read before you do business with Paypal and Share on FB, Twitter,

    Canadians, be very careful with Paypal. They dont have offices in Canada so you can't refer anything to the Better Business Bureau if their "compliance" department suddenly freezes your account and retains all your information, ignores your emails, requests information that Canadian privacy laws protect you from giving a foreign corporation without a legal address in Canada - whether you are guilty or not of wrongdoing. If you are a Canadian Business or individual you have no legal avenue for your rights in your dealings with Paypal since they don't have offices in Canada. Paypal retains all your information - enough to get citizenship in Canada if anyone wanted to - and they don't remove any of it if you ask them to including your credit card information, personal information and business information. There is no way to police Paypal in Canada. I am writing an article for a major watchdog in Canada. I am looking for CANADIAN experiences only with interactions with Paypal where the corporation did something that is against Canadian law or unconscionable. You must be willing to come forward in case the article gets the television media interested since the article will be published on a wellknown Canadian web site and press releases will be sent to all of the Canadian media. Email me directly at [email][/email]

    Please share this and post to your facebook pages. Canadians need to be vigilant when it comes to Paypal since Paypal does not tell any of their Canadian businesses or customers the above.

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    I am in the US and I can tell you that the BBB does NOTHING. Paypal has an A rating with the BBB so obviously they bought their rating because it is impossible for a company with that many negative complaints to have anything but a F rating


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