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Thread: I was suspended years ago but got back on eBay

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    Default I was suspended years ago but got back on eBay

    Please help I used to be a power seller a few years ago. Ebay suspended my account saying that I owed them money, I didn't and foolishly did nothing about it. I now opened up an anonymous account and when I was asked for my social security number I gave my real one. They now want proof to release the funds by providing my ID and social security card. What do I do I really need that money.

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    I assume you had linked that same SSN to your previous account with PayPal.
    Are you able to send money or is your account totally restricted?
    PayPal isn't going to give you your money unless you provide what they are asking for so your options are some what limited here. I say give them what they ask for and hope and pray they don;t link it to your old account. Withdraw your money asap and then never use Paypal again and if you still want to sell on ebay do so with a ebay approved merchant account instead.

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    I was a PayPal premier member for years. Out of nowhere, PayPal and ebay permanently shut down my accounts claiming that I committed a trademark violation. This is absolutely false. I even provided documented proof that my item was genuine but to no avail. I can't believe they could do this to a member who has been golden since day one. My wife still has her account but we learned a valuable lesson here how "un-valuable" we are to PayPal. Looking for other options at this time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by leryder View Post
    Looking for other options at this time.

    Have you considered a little session of prayer?

    Nobody prays anymore!!
    This is utter BS!

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    if there is a God why would he allow something so horrible as PayPal to exist?

    There are certainly other options to Paypal and if paypal doesn't change their attitude towards the people using their service they will soon find that no one wants to use their service.

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    why not just provide what they are asking for? Worst case scenario is you don't get your money but you aren't going to get it anyway if you don't provide them with what they are asking you for.

    Are you able to spend or transfer the money?


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