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Thread: Sellers with merchant account instead of PayPal (on eBay)

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    Default Sellers with merchant account instead of PayPal (on eBay)

    Is there a way to shop on eBay only from sellers who have merchant accounts instead of PayPal. I don;t want to buy from someone using PayPal or paypal guest check out. I want to pay using my credit card without any association with PayPal. Is this possible. I know many sellers who sell on ebay with merchant accont instead of Paypal but I don't know how to find them, it is just something you find out after you click on them.

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    I have been all over ebay looking for that as well, to select to only have items displayed from sellers with merchant accounts but I haven't figured that out yet. Let me know if you come up with a way because I am about done with using my paypal account for buying, the credit/debit card companies offer better protection that paypal can.

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    I didn't even know you could sell on ebay without paypal. Why doesn't everyone ditch paypal if you don't need them to sell on ebay? I am sure buyers would prefer it as well if they could avoid paypal. Only scammers would be the ones wanting to use paypal so they can rip you off with the help from paypal.


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