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Thread: unknown people added to my PayPal account

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    Default unknown people added to my PayPal account

    When I access PayPal through a purchase as opposed to logging into my account and I go to choose a delivery address thee are three names and addresses that I do not know. I have contacted PayPal on numerous occasions firstly to complain and say that these people must have accessed my account and tried to purchase something and got that far and could go not go further (I had experienced PayPal paying somebody a few months back whom I did not know and they did return my money to my bank swiftly). Each time I complain to PayPal about these addresses they instruct me how to remove them but that is if you log into PayPal and thy are not there they are only when I log in from a purchase site and I cannot get them to understand it. What can I do and why have they not informed the police of these fraudsters.

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    Because they don't care. They care about themselves not about you. They could care less if you get ripped off.

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    close your paypal account, close your bank account linked to paypal and report any credit card linked to Paypal as stolen. Someone hacked your paypal account and paypal isn't willing to do squat about it. If they can add and change delivery addresses in your account they certainly can use your bank/card info to purchase items with your money.


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