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    hoping someone will help me out with creating a working PP Donate Button. I want to have a Donate button for fundraising. I dont have website so i want to have a link I can add to emails.

    I have followed the directions on how to create the button. Everything works except for the last part, donation approval. I continue to get the message "unable to use this card, try another card". But I know it has something to do with the HTML code because the cc's that have been tried are valid.

    If someone can help that would be kool Thanks All

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    Are you trying a card that you have linked to PayPal? Try a card that has no association to any PayPal account and see if that works. If not then I suggest you call PayPal for help.

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    try some other service besides paypal and you will see it is much easier to email invoices or send emails containing a donate link to click. Just think if it is this hard to get set up how hard is it going to be when you need help when paypal is holding your donations.

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    I have been using a merchant account for years instead of paypal and they offer a donate button that us super easy to set up and customizable at no extra cost, if paypal isn't even going to help you get set up what do you think they will do when you want your money?

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    I think Paypal has had a lot of issues with the donate button that they refuse to admit to, I was never able to get it working either just a bunch of errors after doing exactly as the instructions prompted me to. And the fact that there was no one to call or email for help was more then frustrating. I no longer had the need for a donate button but if I ever were to do a fundraiser again I will sure as hell not use Paypal

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