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Thread: Withdraw from stealth account

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    Default Withdraw from stealth account


    I have stealth ebay/paypal account and all is set up except the bank account.

    The problem is that the most of stealth accounts are US/UK (mine is US) and I'm not in these countries. So how can I withdraw the money from it?

    I have payoneer account linked to my main paypal account, but I don't want to risk my main account by transferring the funds from stealth to main account. Also the problem with payoneer is that they require names under paypal and payoneer accounts to match which is not possible in this case.

    So is there a way from me (non US or UK citizen) to withdraw the money from my stealth account? Also is there any other way to withdraw the money except transferring to main account (I saw here a lot of members don't recommend this) or buying things online?

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    what about transferring the funds to a friends account? Or ask for a check?

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    open up a new bank account and have the money sent to that bank account, that would be the easiest way to go about it


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