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Thread: Scammed out of 1000!!

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    Default Scammed out of 1000!!

    Hi all, I was scammed by someone when I sent them 1000 pounds on paypal for a laptop I never received. Im not covered by paypal so I raised a chargeback via my CC.

    The scammer didn't reply to the chargeback I raised so the dispute is currently "being reviewed by paypal". The money has gone back onto my credit card but I need more information.

    What happens if the scammer doesn't reply to the chargeback dispute? Will paypal be able to target me (the buyer) and take the money back saying they were unable to retrieve the money from the scammer? This is a genuine chargeback and I am the victim here. Not the person who was selling the 'laptop'. Theres unlimited information on chargeback support as a seller, but not a lot when the buyer needs it! Any help on possible outcomes is much appreciated.

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    You are good, you will get your money back from your credit card company. The Scammers PayPal account will go in to negative and then PayPal will go after the seller for the negative balance. There is no such thing as being unable to retrieve the money from the seller. If you win the chargeback you get your money back regardless of what the deal is with the seller.

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    True. That is why the buyer that is defrauding us is now filing chargebacks. We are over $115,000 negative with PayPal. Buyer has products and now getting money via bank chargebacks. Using credit cards is safe for the buyer on PayPal. Not safe for the seller.


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