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Thread: New to paypal, help please!

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    I made a paypal account because I wanted to sell virtual goods to a company. I was promised to receive $100 once my goods get sold through the company. Because I ensured myself that the company is trustworthy, I tested on how paypal works and bought something online for $4.83 USD and $0.51 USD. Weird part is, I had $0 in my account, and was still able to buy something online. And more strangely, after buying stuff my paypal balance is still $0 instead of going negative. What's happening? Will I get charged later on? I haven't connected my ban account to paypal btw, the only thing I added was my email, phone number and home address. What's going to happen? And if I keep continue to buy stuff with $0 will I get charged back? Thank you for reading and to those to helps

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    A seller can not file a chargeback against a buyer. Only buyer can file chargebacks against sellers. Have any of the sellers you bought from contacted you regarding Payment? Do you have any transaction information available about the purchases you made?

    Never ever use PayPal to sell virtual goods, you have ZERO sellers protection when selling virtual goods so you stand to lose everything, product and money.


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