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Thread: PayPal and their ERRORS

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    Default PayPal and their ERRORS

    It wont let me log into PayPal it wont let me pay with the same card i've paid with before it keeps saying error 601. the seller is getting mad over this either fix it or paypal can pay for it them self its 3.12 or i can start going else where paypal and ebay aint the only way to buy on the internet
    This is not the first time i gotten errors either, happens all the time and no company can have that many glitches so it must be calculated

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    Default 601 error

    This is an not too uncommon error when you try to buy something on a mobile device. Try logging on on your PC/Laptop and see if you get the same error. There has been a lot of glitches with PayPal and ebays mobile program so I would think you would be able to place your order on a computer. Let us know if it worked

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    I get this error too from time to time on my computer and there is nothing I can do about it but wait. It usually resolves it self the nest day but I find it very annoying. I never get any problems like this when I shop online using my credit card. Only with Paypal.

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    Default Turbo checkout- Ebay

    Turbo checkout- Ebay; I would urge everyone to have this function disabled on their account since anyone gaining access to your EBay account can pay for items without logging into PayPal. We all know how secure EBay is following the recent security lapses.

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    Can someone explain to me why the fuck my paypal account isnt available??????????????
    If it is an error can paypal fix the problem immediately please.
    If it was a choice made by Paypal, you can cancel my fucking account. It is ridiculous how trying to rely on something that constantly have errors and glitches.

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    for over a week I have been trying to transfer money from my paypal account (from the sale of an iPhone) to my bank account and every time it tells me to try again later. Well I have tried and tried again later and still nothing. I don't think this is a glitch in paypal's system I think this is 100% deliberate


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