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Thread: Alternatives to talking to customer service?

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    Default Alternatives to talking to customer service?

    I'd like to start out by saying I tried to resolve this by nuking paypal with emails and sent about 4 mass emails to every email address listed on the paypalsucks home page but it hasn't been successful. I'm not sure if the any of the email addresses are still valid.

    So basically a merchant shipped me the wrong items, which were worth less than what I ordered. It was about a $1500 mistake. I filed a dispute with paypal which was closed about 20 days after I filed it. I called customer service and they told me that my dispute was closed because I did not fill out an IC3 complaint within the specified timeframe. They claimed to have sent me an email on July 16 to request the complaint to be filed in order to pursue my dispute. I did not see any emails from paypal in my spam folder or emails folder. I promptly filled out the IC3 complaint and submitted it to Paypal the next day. After calling customer service and having them appeal my case 5 different times, paypal continues to deny my appeals because "they did not receive the requested documentation within the specified timeframe." Can anybody suggest the best course of action at this point for me to recover my money?

    On another note I had a similar issue with another merchant. They shipped me the wrong items but it was a $230 mistake. The merchant pretended to cooperate with me until 50 days after I placed my order, at which point I could not longer file a dispute with paypal due to the 45 day time limit. Can anybody suggest a course of action for recovering my money?

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    File a chargeback, you usually have at least 6 months to do that. And try contacting Paypal via their Facebook page and via twitter, I have read some people having success with that.
    There are also other places you can file complaints like the BBB (not sure how much that would do but worth a try) or ask your state congress man or senator for help, the FTC and the NW3C are a few I can think of.


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