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Thread: Paypal Hacked, Will Not Fix. Legal Options?

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    Default Paypal Hacked, Will Not Fix. Legal Options?

    I have been a member of paypal for many years. Recently I started a non-profit network and was accepting donations through my business paypal account that had no limits.

    Somehow, someone was able to set AND approve 14 subscriptions from my Paypal account. Each for $500. That's $7,000. I called Paypal panicking, I was assured that they were stopped and wouldn't show up at my bank. Three days later, guess who was -$7000.00 in the hole. My bank paid 2, denied 12. Finally started getting my bank account fixed, when Paypal pushed the $7000 through again. When I called, they said that no, it had been stopped, however it would automatically attempt to collect again. My bank denied all of them that time.

    Still $1000.00 overdrafted. Paypal, after talking to my bank, deposited $1000.00 in my account. They told me to leave it in there until my bank adjusted to a $0 balance, and then transfer it to fix what the overdrafts had done, and they were going to pursue legal action to get the money back on their end. I shouldn't have trusted them.

    A few days later, I checked my Paypal account. -$500.00. Not only did they take back the $1000 I needed to fix my bank account, but they took another $500.00. When I called again, they told me that on their end it was considered resolved and hung up. I emailed, same response. "It's considered resolved".

    I don't know what to do. I'm on disability. I've lived a whole month without a single cent due to this. Thankfully I have friends and family who were able to help me through, but that's not the point. I have bills. I have other people's money going into that account for the network.

    Is there anyone who has successfully managed to get Paypal to fix their mistakes like this, or am I just out of luck and need to start making repayment arrangements to the donors?

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    Before Paypal takes any more money you should close your bank account they keep debiting. There is nothing stopping them from doing it again. Paypal are such crooks. I think your best bet would be to work with the bank to retrieve your money since they were all unauthorized transactions. I don't see paypal doing anything more to help you with this.


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