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Thread: iOffer and merchant account, is it possible?

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    Default iOffer and merchant account, is it possible?

    I was thinking about selling on iOffer but I read some really bad things about that site, it it really just scammers looking to get something for nothing? I was selling but got suspended for reasons I don't know. never had any problems on ebay so I am still trying to get them to give me an explanation.

    I have a merchant account that I would like to use when/if selling on iOffer but can't figure out if it is compatible and the website isn't the most helpful place to new members.

    Any thoughts on iOffer would be appreciated.

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    from my experience you have to use PayPal on Ioffer unless you email invoices but I would really stay away from that site, too many scams and half of the stuff is all China crap that never works. That site is a scammers paradise, makes eBay seem like a saint.

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    I checked out iOffer last week. I was looking for Coach handbags and almost all of the listings were fakes. It probably could have been a good site if they monitored it but, as it stands, it's pretty bad.
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    eBay and Amazon are the 2 major players. ioffer seems like one bug scam/knock off site but maybe I just didn't understand how to navigate it.


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