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Thread: Dealing with chargeback for $1000

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    I sold a set of automotive sport brakes to a buyer on a car forums via PayPal. 2 Days after I received the payment I had the box packed and ready to ship. Before I could get out the door, the buyer opened a "Non-receipt" duspute WITHOUT CONTACTING ME so of course my account was then negative $1000. I emailed the buyer with the tracking info and asked that they close the dispute. They refused. My account remained on hold with the negative balance for over a week.

    The buyer finally received the merchandise and closed the dispute.

    2 days later they reopened the dispute claiming that the item was damaged and that I did a horrible job packaging the box. I informed the buyer that USPS assisted with packaging the box and that the items were covered under insurance. The buyer wanted me to pay $350 to get the item repaired. I refused, informed them that I was submitting a claim to USPS and provided them with the claim info. USPS reached out to the buyer for them to inspect the items for damage. The buyer ignored the correspondence from USPS. I won the paypal dispute and the case was closed.

    Several weeks later the buyer filed a "not as described" chargeback with their CC company. Once again my account is negative $1000. I provided all of the info to PayPal, including the letter from USPS stating that they received no response from the shipping recipient when they reached out to them for item inspection. PayPal informed me that I am not covered under Seller Protection because the chargeback reason is "item not as described".

    Right now the status of the case says "Disputing on your behalf". However, the status details says:

    "We have reviewed the case. Because you have not met Seller Protection performance requirements , the transaction will be reversed. The case is now closed."

    I assume that the buyer has repaired the items so they have no desire to ship them back to me at this point. If the CC company decides in the buyers favor, what can I do to either get my item back or fight this case? I've seen so many cases on the net that involve this exact situation and it seems that the seller is always screwed out of the merchandise. It's in the best interest of the CC company to side with their customer (the buyer) so I doubt I will win this case even though I have done everything I should do as a good seller.

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    The scary thing is that paypal is doing it on "your behalf" so you have no way of knowing what they are doing or if they will even tell you the truth of what happened. I read in here and have been reading the cases online of the BBB in California that PayPal will even lie sometimes when they win the charge back cases and tell you they lost the case and charge you. Way too much of this so called "friendly fraud" is allowed to go on and it will only get worse.

    We are in a horrible nightmare with them right now with a fraudulent buyer but we are realizing after reading this that PayPal ripped us off a few years ago with a fraudulent seller that we were dealing with that sold discount car rental coupons that were no good. We filed a dispute and lost but when we tried to file a chargeback the bank told us that they already paid PayPal. So, now I'm realizing they lied to us about losing the chargeback.

    If it doesn't go your way contact the CA BBB but I don't know if that works when you get into the higher dollar amounts.

    I'm learning that it is just not safe to sell higher dollar items online. It is just too easy for scammers to get the items for free, not have to return to you, or send you junk. They are easlily allowed to change it from item not received to item not as described and then they can say whatever they want to rip you off.

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    I love how paypal doesnt consult with any of the sellers before making a call like that. A good business practice would be to have someone call and discuss the case with both parties.

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    Like I tell all my fellow sellers. Protect yourself at all cost because paypal does not give two shits if you are successful or not. Get a copy of a photo id, get a signed contract and signature with every delivery.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vladimir View Post
    Like I tell all my fellow sellers. Protect yourself at all cost because paypal does not give two shits if you are successful or not. Get a copy of a photo id, get a signed contract and signature with every delivery.
    or even better get rid of paypal and only accept credit debit card payments through a merchant account instead then you won't have to deal with all the scamming buyers, they stick with Paypal.


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