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Thread: I got scammed. Need legal advice please

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    Default I got scammed. Need legal advice please

    I was advertising on a website that i want to sell a multyplayer game account. I left my skype for contact. I got contacted by a Japanese dude willing to buy my account. He got my account for 60 Euros than after he paid he asked me if I want to buy some gold ( online game currencies) for him from some websites for a fee. I was stupid, I know, I did not think that he is using stolen paypal. So I bought gold for him for about 1200 euro and now i got a chargeback on the full amount ( i am thinking the real owner of the paypal did that) .
    The paypal i use got all my data, credit card and stuff, so I am asking : Since the person i received money spoke with me on skype ( text chat on skype ) and confirmed me he is the real owner or the paypal, a verified paypal, can I use that as proof ? I have the conversation where i ask him if that email that i received money from is his ( i copy paste the email from paypal ), does that count as proof ?
    What do I have to do since in the resolution center the cases are close. I can not afford to pay that money. I did my end of the bargain, why is it my fault that the dude used a stolen paypal. How would I supposed to know is a stolen paypal and not a legit one ?
    Thank you very much in advance.

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    You can use it as proof, but since you violated your terms with paypal and I don't know if they will be much help. Paypal will just say its in their terms not use your paypal account to purchase for other people.


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