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Thread: Paypal stole my money!! Need legal help please

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    Default Paypal stole my money!! Need legal help please

    I was selling another virtual currency called dogecoinon ebay, upwards of 10k in sales daily. I began to receive emails from ebay stating that certain people I sold to had their accounts hacked and not to ship them the items purchased and this is several days after the purchase was made and several days after I sent them the currency via online transfer. Then the disputes started not sure if from original account holder credit card co. or paypal themselves. Even having proof of transfers, many leaving feedback and admittting acceptance via ebay messages and feedback I lost to the tune of several thousands and counting. They state there is no seller protection for virtual currency (which i cant find anywhere on there site anyways and not one needing it except for paypal stealing from me then I guess seller protecion comes into play but seller (me) was not involved in initial theft) Basically a lowlife theif got into someones supposed secure accounts, I have no Idea how or if acct owners fault or ebay security, here a theft occured this theif in turn made purchases from me and i sent them something of value I paid for. If this account hack was ebay or paypals fault not acct owner misplacing password ebay/paypal should cover their loss. Instead they steal from me to cover this loss stating there is no seller protection over virtual currency. Again the only protection I needed is from the theives at paypal!!! If someone were to rob a bank take that money or proceeds from any robbery/theft and buy goods can It just be taken from someone conducting legitimate business?? Is it the persons responsibility conducting legitimat business to verify money coming in wasnt stolen and obtained legally? Especially if payment is coming from a supposed secure online payment center?? Im no lawyer but I dont think so. I had nothing to do with these theft/hacks that happened or know how this was done on a supposed secure place to do business, to me id assume it would be the account holders from these thefts needing protection until ebay commited a second theft stealing my money from a sale I have proof of purchase of, proof of sale and transaction, and messages and ebay feedback confirming receipt of goods purchased from these people that made purchases from me and turned out to be using money they stole from someone else. if paypal and ebay cant secure their sites, customers money, and transactions done here, how is it my responsibility to do so? And they cite fine print I cant find and didnt apply to me untill paypal stole from me to replace what they should have done or spent on the security of their sites to bigin with.

    Im no lawer but I plan to sue for money taken from disputes and loss of revenue as I cant use ebay with a negative paypal balance or when all my gross sales are stolen and left with nothing to reinvest. They have taken several thousands and I have lost 3-6k daily revenue which due to sales limits on ebay I couldnt claim that for everyday of month only better part of week each monthX?? unkown potential months of proffits lost. If anyone is a lawer or even a paralegal I could really use some advice what to do I have been screwed before but never sued but this is absurd I dont know how they can do this. I live in alaska and anyone willing to represent or even write my case/ coach me on what to do id give a percentag of money I get back as I have no idea how this works or what I can do. Id rather give my money to anyone or anycause in the world just to not see Paypal the biggest theif of all get away with this or if I knew this would happen I wouldve got much more joy shredding my money and using it for stuffing in my pillow, but instead the money stolen from me saved paypal from paying what i see is rightfully their responsibility to replace. If anyone could help or knows someone my email is [email][/email] feel free to post this comment wherever to let people know paypal is a scam and dont beleive for one minute your money is safe like I did, and when they do cover losses that are their fault, they may have just stolen it from someone like me who had nothing to do with it because of fine print that must be super small cause I looked everywhere and only place I found it was in an email sent to me from them to justify stealing from someone trying to conduct legitimate business on a supposedly safe/secure site. Sorry to rant but Im sure if you read this you know why. thanks for any help or reposts to let people know theyre doing this

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    Paypal sucks they really do. Thieving bastards are what they are. Unfortunately they have covered themselves with their user agreement and get around most lawsuits that way. So before you go about suing them just read over every word of the user agreement so you don't waste your time. I am pretty sure they got it covered to get away with murder in that agreement. Disgusting.


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