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Thread: eBay is just as shady as paypal

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    Default eBay is just as shady as paypal

    E Bay has now stolen our personal account information & posted on a feedback to a Seller, under scrutiny by the BBB & The Dept Of Consumer Protection, along with E Bay for promoting fraudulent practices & allowing older consumers, to be swindled out of their money.

    This is actually what they posted and our valid response, when discovered today
    Positive Feedback Received Exactly what I ordered. Thanks Seller: alicetheinventor2012 (44Feedback is 10 to 49) Jul-01-14 10:20 271524787049
    Reply by numberonepapa3: I did not leave this feedback, E Bay did. BBB & Dept Of Consumer Prot filed. Jul-08-14 10:31

    Both the BBB of San Jose Ca and the Dept Of Consumer Protection/Attorney Generals Office in San Jose Ca, now has this information added to original complaint.

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    Just in case you didn't know; Ebay owns Paypal so yes they are just one shady bunch of a corporation.
    I can't believe that ebay posted feedback on your behalf, not sure what they have to gain from it but I sure as hell don't put it past them .

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    Ebay does it to make there marketplace look better or else it'd be all negatives!

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    absolutely right, ebay and paypal makes money by you selling your stuff, if no one is buying and selling no money is being made. eBay is just trying to make a pile of crap smell like roses to attract buyers .

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    yup..paypal now belongs to ebay... earlier today when i talk to a CS at Paypal...the email they gave me to send in documents was actually [email][/email]


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