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Thread: Over charged 4 times by paypal

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    Default Over charged 4 times by paypal

    Bought a pair of glasses online for 260 bucks...went for gas next day and found PayPal took over 1000 dollars by charging me four times what I needed to pay...card was declined at a place where people knew was embarrassing to say the least. Then I do not get the money back for almost a week. Sure I had cash at the gas station and I lived without the card but this kind of error is not expected or needed. I said this 5 years ago when I tried to access PAYPAL from by blackberry for an important and urgent business payment but they wouldn't let me, user and pass OK but no pay eh, this is the last time I ever use them ever.

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    A few years ago they triple charged me for a phone charger and instead of charging my credit card like I had selected they emptied my bank account causing NSF fees. I contacted the seller who said he had only received one payment. had I not raised hell about it with paypal I am sure they would just have kept my money. It took me over a month of being nice and making threats but I did eventually get all the money back but things like this shouldn't happen.


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