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Thread: Paypal debited with charge back

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    Just like to share my experience with Paypal. I sold a carpet on ebay for collection in person. The buyer paid via paypal.

    The ebay listing stated that the carpet had to be collected by 1st June, as we were moving. The buyer said they would collect on 1st June but didn't turn up. We moved but I contacted the buyer and told her that she could still collect, and the letting agent's details. The house is currently empty and the buyer would have no problem collecting they just had to arrange to do so. On the 21st June I got an email from buyer saying the goods hadn't arrived. I had not contacted her and she wanted a refund. I emailed her back saying it was up to her to collect the goods. She then filed a Paypal claim which was not upheld. She then appealed claiming she had now received the goods but they were damaged and not as described. Paypal asked me to respond. I said she was being dishonest and suggested they ask her to provide evidence. They just ruled in her favour despite the fact the transaction is not covered by buyer protection because it was a collection only item. I rang PP and asked them to explain. They said they were refunding on the basis that she had not received the goods. I said that was her problem not mine and pointed out it was collect only and not covered by BP. But they insisted they were refunding due to non-receipt. I told them that it was up to them if they wanted to refund but I disagreed and would not be paying them at which, point I was told I would be handed over to debt collectors. I cancelled my bank account funding and all valid cards on my Paypal acc before the dispute was raised with PP because I didn't trust the buyer and knew that funds would be reserved so the only card registered now was cancelled by my bank several months ago because it was cloned through a cash machine and an attempt made to use it in Vietnam. They seem to think I live at an address I left several years ago and they don't have my correct name because they refused to change it when I got divorced and reverted to my maiden name. So, I look forward to them paying debt collectors to chase me. I would advise everyone to stop using PP. I have prevented them from withdrawing money from my bank accounts but if they managed to do it, they are based in Luxembourg which, means it would be very difficult for me to recover my money, and although Uk law is on my side, I wouldn't know how to pursue someone in Luxembourg. However, in the event they have retained any valid account details and they take the money back, I will issue proceedings in the CC against the ebay buyer, as they have entered in to a legally binding contract and it is up to them to collect the property they now own and if, in the interim period it is damaged, it is their problem. I have a negative balance on my PP account which, I am unable to close but I don't believe PP have any basis in law to pursue me for the money. Debt collectors have no authority whatsoever. The agencies have trouble recruiting in most areas because it is a thankless task that relies on pseudo authority & frightening debtors into paying up and field agents get little if any support from the office. Most people who don't pay, can't pay so even if they manage to get a payment arrangement in place it tends to fail fairly quickly. Most debtors know that all they have to do is say they aren't the person the DC is looking for and there is nothing they can do about it. They are paid on commision so they use underhand tactics. they waste a lot of shoe leather and their own petrol to not earn any money, so I'm not worried. The DCs companies are badly run because it is a miserable stressful industry to be in unless you are a shark.

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    Quote Originally Posted by berridge View Post
    Just like to share my experience with Paypal. I sold a carpet on ebay for collection in person. The buyer paid via paypal.
    This is all I had to read to know what happened next. learned this the hard way myself. Not sure why Paypal even allows it since you void any protection when doing an in person pick up. As a seller you should ONLY accept cash when it is a pick up in person.


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