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Thread: PayPal is excellent for buyers looking to extort sellers

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    Unhappy PayPal is excellent for buyers looking to extort sellers

    Buyers seem to be using PayPal to try to force sellers to provide extra services free, after a job is done. Don't want to give in their demands? They'll do a chargeback on the original project!

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    This is exactly why PayPal should never be sued for anything other then items you ship with a signature delivery confirmation.

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    But even with signature, there is no protection for sellers whatsoever if the
    buyer files a chargeback with their credit card company saying"item not as described" even if it has been over 6 months and they don't even have to return the merchandise either. Thank you American Express and PayPal.

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    Angry Sick and tired of reading Vendors' boo-hoo-ing

    Seriously. Not every purchaser asking "where the f*** is the s*** that I ordered from you?" is trying to get something for nothing.

    I paid for an item from China, and because the confirmation sent to me when Buddy sent the item out explained that it was likely that I would die of old age before my purchase arrived (and because I'm not such a b**** when not being asked to pull down my pants, and bend over the nearest available table), I gave it a good two months before letting Buddy know directly (Not thru the official Resolution process) what was what and asking for his help. He sent me an extremely terse 2 line reply. China Post, and a numeric tracking number. After getting absolutely nowhere trying to figure it out on my own, I sent Buddy another ex-Resolution message asking for his help tracking the parcel down. No reply. So check this s*** out. He provides eBay with a whole whack of tracking information PROVING that UPS (or some such s***, I do not recall, and am aggravated enough w/o going back and reading this s*** again, thank you very much), and eBay tells me "too bad, so sad." If this f***'s mother had any children that lived, and he'd provided ME with this information, I could just possibly followed up with the delivery outfit, and either filed a claim, or something. Instead of bloody ignoring my attempts at decency, and waiting until I clicked on the little yellow button, and "made it official."

    Case in point #2: At least eBay didn't assf*** me on this one. I ordered a brake caliper from a vendor in the US (I'm in Canada). Gets delivered, no problem, take it to the dude doing the repair (a friend, trying to help me save a little bit of money on the repair via taking care of whatever is in my power to do so), and lo and behold, it's from the back, rather than the front (evidently this matters--who knew). So, trying to be nice, once again...I send a message outside the "official resolution" process explaining the matter, and asking (attempted diplomacy) what "we" should do about this error. He replies that "he sent somebody out into the yard, and ya know, the part I had ordered was still on the parts car, while the one I had received was not." Okay. What does that have to do with the f****** price of tea in China from my point of view. Still being my normal (pre-cracking up under the strain of this kind of b.s.) self, I offered to pay for the return shipping myself, as long as the moron who sent me this useless-to-me part refunded my full purchase price AND the shipping that I paid him to send it up to me. Does he thank his lucky stars (I was in no way required to pay ANY shipping EITHER way according to official eBay rules), and just do it? F*** no. He whines that he "doesn't know how to do so, because it was done under some Global Shipping s***," and that I'd best hurry up about returning it if I wished to make use of the shops "official return policy." So, I start the resolution process, and all the idiot would have had to do to make it all go away was to send me something that would have facilitated my printing off a return shipping label (at his expense), and he would have gotten his part back. But nooooo. This time, he replies to eBay that the correct part was shipped, even though his earlier reply acknowledging that the incorrect part had been delivered to me had been sent to me via eBay's messaging system. So, after another few weeks of this shit, eBay (and by extension, PayPal, seeing as prior to a few months ago, they were completely one and the same) refunded me my money w/o my having to ship the part back to Buddy. I was assured (by eBay) that my money would reappear on the "original funding source" which was my bank account. Naturally, it appeared in my balance, so that if I wanted the money, I'd have to take a bath on fees AND exchange.

    And with that....I've said my piece. Good night.


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