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    Default stealth PayPal negative balance

    I have a stealth PayPal account that I used so far for buying and selling on eBay. The account details are not on my name, address, phone no., etc. The only thing I have is a debit card on my name linked to my PayPal. My balance is currently negative at -2300GBP (because of a chargeback). I assume this debt will be transfered to a local collection agency in my country. Should I worry about it? Can they get to me? And if yes what could the legal consequences be?

    Thanks for your answers!

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    as long as you have your debit card linked paypal has the option to debit your debit card for the negative balance. They usually attempt this after 40 days of a negative balance on the account.
    I don't see them coming after you in any legal way as none of your information is real. If anything you ca just say someone stole your debit card and used it on a fake paypal account.

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    They will probably send you to a collection agency, but if your bank account or credit card isn't linked up to your paypal account they wont be able to get it from you. Is your paypal account linked up to your bank account?

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