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Thread: How eBay is part of the scam!

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    Angry How eBay is part of the scam!

    8 fraudulent account were used to scam 14 people out of 30,000 selling scooters from Jersey the first 7 sold and delivered with good feedback (lies the 7 were also in the scam) the next 14 buyers were robbed, me personally of 2,500. eBay have now deleted the account and hidden all the auctions, by removing them. Covering their tracks and looking squeaky clean again.

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    I have been an ebay user for 17 years. selling high end watches. About 6 months ago someone purchased a rolex Submariner. The buyer claimed we sent a fake and ebay sided with him. so pay pal tried to withdraw from my account which i blocked. now both pay pal and ebay accounts are frozen.

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    This is why I am not going back to eBay! I made my own webpage!


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