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Thread: Lawsuit against Ebay to be filled this month

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    Default Lawsuit against Ebay to be filled this month

    Hello everybody,

    I'm new to this forum and I want to mention my story in few words.
    After having my account with over 500 positive reviews and 100% feedback and establish in the year 2000, suddenly they remove my listing, block me in Ebay and Paypal. Paypal within the hour apologize that they don't see any wrong doing and Ebay till today they can't tell me what I did wrong except that I am a risk for selling to much in 1 day. They can not show me in the policy what I have done wrong and they ask me to supply a picture id, bank statement, cc statement , invoice of where I bought the product, etc and I supply everything, even the us customs clearance of the item I was selling and Ebay say that my documents are false and that the supplier that I'm working for over 15 years is not real and most probably my product is fake. They send emails to all the people that bought from me , they open a claim and you know how that goes.

    I will be suing them and my attorney will like to convert this law suit to a class action and to do that I will need lots of people to join "AT NO COST TO ANYONE EXCEPT ME". Please pm if interested in joining, thanks.

    I know that many people have sue Ebay and either they lose or get dismiss, well, you need to go all the way, to go for depositions on President, vice-president, board members, etc. We will drain them with so much discovery, at least will cost them 1m to fulfill the discovery plan and over 40 depositions. Imagine if the directors and board members need to fly to my attorney office to be deposed?

    After they suspended me, on their email they say that I can appeal it, but the funny part is that before I submit the documents , I got an email that my appeal has been denied.
    I keep calling them and you know, they are people talking by a script and go ahead and fax your things and expect an answer, even that it was already decided that for life I can't buy or sell on Ebay.
    I fax my documents 7 times in a 30 days period and they deny of receiving them except when my attorney fax them to their legal department they accept receiving them but the answer was that they know all the manufacturers of miners and that mine done exist.

    Let me know if you have any questions to join.



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    Finally someone taking action! I don't know about any of you, but I will be signing any petition to get paypal to STOP robbing people of their future, their money and their time!

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    Anyone else doing this?? I knew this day would come and it's finally here!!! Justice needs to be served for everyone that's been screwed by paypal. So many lives have been disrupted by paypal.Im in!


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