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Thread: Need help about prior paypal debt.

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    Default Need help about prior paypal debt.

    Hey guys when I was 18 and just out of high school I did the eBay and paypal thing selling most of my own stuff and stuff from thrift stores, friends and family. Made a little extra side money. I sold my laptop for $500.00 and about 3 weeks later the guy ordered a chargeback to his credit card and I woke up and got stuck with a -500 dollar Balance on my paypal account and lost my laptop. I had panicked and pretty much stopped selling on eBay and using paypal all together. This was in May of 2006.

    I never logged into the account ever again. I never received a letter from a collection agency or a phone call from a collection agency. Fast forward to the present day. All my info has changed since 2006, new address, phone number, computer, email, bank account. Pretty much naturally over time. The issue I have is I am back on eBay and doing good. Have not had an issue with eBay or Paypal. The other day they sent me an email saying I have sold over 200 items and need to give them my SS number for taxes. So I did, and a red warning said this number is being used by another account (Assuming my 2006 account.) Paypal is about to limit my account if I don't give them my SS number, or EIN number. I am worried about getting stuck with my old balance or them shutting me down for dodging them. I have made about 8K since my second account has been opened. I am wondering what my options are or the best way to go about this.

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    This is what I would do;

    1) Empty your PayPal account APAP

    2) Stop selling on Ebay using PayPal. Get a merchant account instead like or, they are both eBay compatible yet shares NONE of your information with ebay and eBay can not access any of your funds in your merchant account.

    Did Ebay or Paypal ask for your SSN, I am guessing PayPal. If/when they link the 2 accounts you are screwed so you need to act fast. And close your bank account you have linked to paypal and report the credit card you have linked as lost. This was they can not collect, Open up a new checking account to use with the merchant account.


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