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Thread: PayPay for Travel Scam

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    Default PayPay for Travel Scam

    PayPal Scam

    Do Not Use PayPal for Travel Arrangements

    I was just scammed on a Vacation Rental property in Miami.

    These sites advertise the rental properties on Trip Advisor and many other web sites.
    They take a security deposit requesting PayPal as the method of payment. You actually do receive your rental property as described.
    What most people don't realize is that there is no consumer protection from PayPal for travel arrangements.
    Paypal will only protect you in the purchase of a tangible item. As well there is a 45 day limit to the protection from Paypal.
    In most cases the 45 days is long gone in the time it takes to put down your deposit and return from your vacation.
    After the vacation is over the rental company never returns your security deposit. $ 300.00 in this case.
    After a lengthy conversation with PayPal they are aware of this but are not choosing to take any action.
    Is PayPal regulated in Canada like the banks? Can they be aware of fraud and choose to do nothing?
    The website [url=]Florida Vacation Rents[/url] was the offender in my case.


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    File an unauthorized payment chargeback. They are exempt from the 45 day rule, and you're guaranteed to win it.

    PayPal are twats and totally ignore any evidence if there's not a tangible item sent recorded in the post. For most of us, that's the stinger with selling services or online goods; but for you that works out quite nicely.

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    John, Paypal aren't even regulated by the US banks. I doubt they will be anywhere else. Lesson Learned. Never purchase ANYTHING through paypal. There isn't enough security with your money. I recommend telling anyone you want to purchase from to either get a real merchant account or you will take your business somewhere else.


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