I had a paypal account, I made payments for a few purchases against the cash in my account 157 dollars to remove the funds as I do not trust them. They reversed the cash payment, charged my CC and froze my cash. I disputed the charges on my CC and I see they did not take my cash for payment but hit the sellers. I told them that paypal was being crooked and maybe this helps spread the word on what a corrupt org. they are.

I then had an auction end on ebay with a buy it now and even though I had a contact me before making payment the buyer paid with paypal. Paypal will not allow me to refund and they were not supposed to allow any payment on a limited account, at least I thought that was the way it was. I am not going to send the item sold and contacted the buyer, apologized for any problem and told them to do a dispute on their CC to get their charge reversed. I told them if they wanted to still buy the item they can send check or MO. I have reversed the CC charges on my account and they can either pay them with the cash they have frozen or pound sand.

I thought Paypal had changed after all these years but not so much. My question is I thought that on a limited account they would not allow any new money to come in? So am I right in now thinking that they are so damn dumb as to think I will just keep sending out things with them limiting my money and account?