A few months back I started up a gaming server, it got donations but had to close due to other issues - One of the big donators charged back resulting in a 60 loss + 30 credit card fee's, They got there item and it said in the ToS that no refunds will be given, the rank/benefit was limited to the servers life span and it was a DONATION.

So I got the -90 to -65 but they have locked both my accounts meaning I cant pay the debt off,

I know they wont take legal action as it would cost them 100 to even initiate the proceedings and they wont make anything (profit) from it, but they did say a 'debt collection service' may get involved, could anyone give some information on how to deal with this? I've got this to add to the stress of exams and it is very very overwhelming.

Please reply if you have any suggestions :/