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Thread: when is default payment charged

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    Default when is default payment charged

    I have the Business debit card and it says you can use it with $0 Paypal Balance. I have my bank account linked as the default payment method and am trying to find out if my bank account will be charged immediately? I did not attach my debit card so Paypal only has the account number. I also have the back up payment limit set at $600. I wanted to make a purchase for $399 but wont have my paycheck automatically deposited into bank account till Friday. Basically I want to know if I could float my Business Debit card payment for 2 days. Anyone know if PP charges the back up default payment method immediately?

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    I would not attempt to do what you are describing. Paypal f**k up all the time and they may even tell you over the phone that you will be able to do this but hen just go ahead and charge your back up funding right away. Paypal will do what they can to get the money so I wouldn't risk it if I was you


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