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Thread: On hold..then on hold again..still no answer

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    Default On hold..then on hold again..still no answer

    today, 04/28/14 at 12.45PM. on phone holding for paypal agent. I am waiting on line for 40 minute still no agent on phone. Hang up and made a call again and waiting for another 30 minute and still no agent come up to the phone.
    I am so disappoint after spent so much time try to get intrust with paypal agent almost 1hour and 10 minute still no one on phone.Please let me know how this happen.How to improve your service better. It is so disappoint to me.

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    Issues with adding a new card. I tried to send them an email - no response (I mean: I keep receiving ''Automated email'' thing which is not helpful at all...).
    I spent 2 hours trying to call them - NO WAY! No one would pick up the phone...
    I tried calling the International line, domestic line, free line...

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    Default another one ignored by customer service

    PayPal attempted to use a bank account rather than a credit card to fund a purchase. I have no idea why, in the past the credit card was the default. They charged a $42.50 NSF fee to the bank account, then proceeded to use the credit card for the purchase.

    Customer service is ignoring my queries, of course.


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