I sadly recently got my Paypal account banned due to ignorance though Paypal was a bit excessive. I current am living in Hong Kong but my Paypal was created several years ago in California when I lived there. I originally bought some stuff from Japan and resold it on eBay without any business license. I sold 4 items (and didnt even make a profit before my Paypal account was banned) I believe this was the main reason my account was banned.

I currently have USD 930 in my account and all the buyers gave me positive feedback for the items I sold recently. I had a history of ZERO chargebacks, ZERO negative feedback, and ZERO complaints from buyers in all my years owning a Paypal account.

I know I was wrong for not having a business license and reselling (didnt know at the time :/ .. Any advice on what i can do?

I dont want to take it from Paypal as a customer. I want my money...!

Thank you very much for your help.