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Thread: paypal blocked my account- opening new one

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    Default paypal blocked my account- opening new one

    Hello people,

    Please i just need 1 important info.

    2-3 years ago i got some problem with . I have sell some Notebook privat but i have send it to buyer on address he gives me over email but this address was other then his address on paypal. So he got that Notebook BUT he told paypal he never got Notebook. So paypal has give him that 500EUR back even and he got money and notebook. I have give Paypal post indetification number of this parcel but they didn't care because of wrong address...

    However i don't care i have already transfer that money on my bank so they just put my paypal account in minus -500EUR .... After i didn't transfer 500EUR on paypal account they just have blocked my account and send me a couple of emails from lawyer but there was nothing they could do hihi

    So i don't care about that but my question is i have create now on a new account but i give there my italian (not german like old account) Adress and Bank informations but i scare a bit when i got money on this paypal account and when i will to transfer it on my bank maybe they see and check thats me and they will take that money because i owe money to them.

    Is this possible? Or there is no chance they will take money from my new account because of that problem with old account 2-3 years ago?

    Thank you very much


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    Knowing paypal they will find a way to take your money. Especially if you are using the same name as before. Why don't you use a real merchant account? You will save yourself the hassle and stress. You should never use paypal again.


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