Hi everyone

I'm new to this, so I thought maybe one of you can help me

I ordered something online and never received my item, so I tried to file a claim with paypal, but they rejected it because it was over 45 days old

so I filed a claim with my bank and I got my money back. Now Paypal has limited my account, which I don't care too much about because I didn't have any money on there.

But now I'm worried they are going to make my balance negative and try to get money through my bank account. Right now my balance is 0. If I close my account, do I have anything to worry about? Are they going to get debt collectors on me? The transaction was for $150.

Idk if this helps, but they sent me this email.

"You recently attempted to transfer funds from your bank account to your PayPal account.

Your bank has declined the funds transfer.

We were unable to cover your payment to [email address of the seller] with funds from your PayPal balance.
While this transaction had already been flagged as unauthorized, our external processor could not be prevented from completing the representment process. Your Back-up Funding Source will not be charged to make up the funds. This could mean that your PayPal account balance will go negative, but this is merely an interim accounting step that will be corrected when we have completed our review of this transaction.
For current information on your account balance and transaction history, please login to your PayPal account."

I didnt request a transfer or anything, so I think that it's paypal sending requests on my behalf? Idk.

I also got another email from them saying they think my account is being used be someone unauthorized, and thats why they limited it.

Anyway, should I be worried if I close my bank account?