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Thread: Funds tranfer to bank account

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    Default Funds tranfer to bank account

    On the 11/4/14 I had transferred money from paypal to my bank account, the sum of $372.00, this money after 11 days so far hasn't turned into my bank account.
    When I buy products on ebay it apparently only takes a couple of days to go through. Why do I have to wait longer than any bank account for a refund. I feel this is unacceptable and would like to lodge a formal complaint against paypal. Its now Easter time so I will not see this money in my bank account for another 5 or more days.

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    That is how paypal works, take payments and hold them so they can earn interest on their users money. Every time you call them they will promise that they will release the funds within 24 hours but we all know by now that that is a lie.


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