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Thread: Paypal provides no explanation

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    Default Paypal provides no explanation

    My paypal account has been limited permanently and I cannot even get an explanation why? I have called and I have emailed but still no explanation. I have done nothing wrong however I am in the military and was travelling at the point I experienced problems with them and couldn't provide everything they needed. When I could provide the proof it was too late.

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    Paypal can close, limit, suspend any account at any time for any reason. They don't advertise this when you sign up but it is in the fine print. It is just disgusting how they treat the people serving to protect our country and freedom.

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    Order received was not I ordered and paypal will do nothing to correct the problem, talked to four agents and was told they would get my money back, then they said they would not and would not let me talk with a higher up. They would not give me their last names and then would not even give me their name.

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    If, you deal with Paypal you lose control of your money. They are a foreign company who it would be difficult to take legal action against. The British Authorities have no jurisdiction over them. They have their own rules that have nothing to do with British Law and they apply them arbitarily. Yet we give them uncontrolled access to our bank accounts. It's dangerous.

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    Default Same here

    I am in Canada and forced to use PayPal by Smashwords. They pay the royalties on my books vie PayPal so I have withdrawn my books from sale.

    PayPal accused me of fraudulent behaviour. How is that possible when the only dealings I have with them is for Smashword's payment? It's their way of stealing my money.

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    eBay and PayPal has the worst customer service I have ever seen I've been charged twice for the same thing multiple times I cannot get ahold of anyone through PayPal this is just been a nightmare completely


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