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Thread: Can I use a merchant account AND paypal on my site

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    Default Can I use a merchant account AND paypal on my site

    If I was to get a merchant account (tired of paypal and all their holds) could I still have paypal on my website as well since I know there are a few people
    who insist on only paying with Paypal? I am starting to question the point of paypal when they don't really do anything for the seller and they insist you link a credit card to your account. Why not just pay directly with your credit card at that point, like what is the point of PayPal other then it is a great way to scam sellers?

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    Default Yes, you can use an alternative and PP

    For example, you could use, if you are in the UK, and retain PP on your website.

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    You can still offer paypal through your shopping cart feature on your website, but to be honest everyone should just stop using paypal all together. The more people that don't offer them the more people will be willing to use a regular cc. Do you think you sales will really go down if you don't use paypal?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maximilian111 View Post
    what is the point of PayPal other then it is a great way to scam sellers?
    You said it. That is the only point of PayPal.

    I have a designated credit card I use for all my online shopping and I have never had a problem but I am also not a scammer. I used to use Paypal for shopping but found it to be more of a hassle then anything else. Safer it is not. More like a useless middleman.

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    You can definately offer both paypal and regular credit card payments. You should insist that your customers use their credit cards instead of paypal. It will only help them.

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    You can offer both paypal and a regular merchant account. Since some people like to still pay with paypal (i have no idea why they would) but yes to answer you question.

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    I use both because of buyer demand and I have to say I never have any issues with transactions through my merchant account, it seems like the scammers stick to using paypal trying with filing false SNAD and item not received claims.

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    Yes, you can offer paypal and a regular checkout option for your customers. You just need to set it up in your shopping cart and you should be good to go. If I were you I would only offer a regular checkout process since Paypal is so shaddy.

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    Merchant accounts have lower transaction fees and Paypal accounts requires higher transaction fees. By using a PayPal account, you can now accept payments of up to US$10,000. I think it is better one
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