Hello there,

My account has been frozen last week. I've had this account since about 2005 and it has always been in very good standing.

They claim in the email to me that they my paypal account is linked to another pp account that owes them $1000.00 and they cannot even begin to review my account until I pay this amount of money.

My husband and I separated the end of 2011. In about August 2012 he owed PP $1000 for something he bought online, when his pp payment and a rent payment came out at the same time and his pp account went into the negative.

He has a non written agreement with paypal to pay them $50 a week to pay it off after he was contacted by debt collectors.

I am not connected with the debt (this occurred post separation), we don't live in the same house, and it is not my account and I have never had any access to it, belong to the email attached to it or anything.

I am trying to get as much information as possible together to support my claim that we are not linked at all and i should not be responsible for it, and nor should my account be tarnished as a result of this.

I live in Australia and would appreciate ANY kind of guidance/support I can get on this forum.

thanks so much.