I found this site a little over a year ago, and have fallen in love with it! It is similar to eBay, but everything is based on a points system rather than cash. Technically speaking, there never is any exchange of cash (unless you win an auction that does not offer free shipping). It's all about points!

I have both sold and won many auctions on the site. Some of my bigger "purchases" were a $75 gift card (of my choosing), 7" Google Android tablet, many Vera Bradley items, $50 eBay gift cards among many other items.
I have "sold" the following items in exchange for points...TI83+ Calculator, Apple iPod Touch 4th generation, gift cards, Vera bradley, clothing, etc

The website is totally legitimate, and if you are ripped off (happens from time to time; mostly with newer members) you are refunded your points after a few days. Like I said, cash never exchanges hands! So for those of you who are NOT a fan of PayPal, but like eBay...this might be the site for you!