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Thread: need payment service that is NOT PayPal

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    Default need payment service that is NOT PayPal

    I did not use it for a few months and went back and began to use it on fiverr and soon was locked out because of a long time of not using it but I already was using it. SO now they keep sending me emails and trying to get me to put stuff on the internet I have NEVER put on the internet. I really need a service that I can use internationally from the US for ecommerce and payment of services. Can you recommend the best one for that. It needs to have credit card access without having to join a service. Please help. There are so many of these. HELP

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    I other payment method I use is Skrill.

    Works very well and the team are much more helpful in comparisson to eBay.
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    Try Google Wallet/checkout. Not as popular as Paypal, but it also isn't Paypal. Haven't heard of many complaints about this service, obviously nowhere near Paypal's level of complaints.

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    there are many payment processors available on the internet. one is alertpay. i heard it has a good reputation might want to check it out.

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    Payza or Payoneer are the only two reliable ones that I know of. There could very well be others. Be sure to look around Google as well.
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    I found the alternative on this site. They were super helpful and it only took a day to set everything up. you should be able to go to and apply right on their website.

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    I would use a real merchant account provider as all these other paypal like companies are just mimicing paypal's business structure and will probably have the same issues.


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